Freedom of Information legislation is key to gaining information from Government bodies. This short 3 minute video deals with how to make a Freedom of Information request in the UK. A longer, 11 minute version, can be found here that details the legislation, the process to go through when you want to dispute a Freedom of Information response and some helpful websites.

Citizens from one country can make a request to Government bodies and agencies in another country if there is access to information legislation in the country that you want to make a request in.

Here is the below template Freedom of Information request – please feel free to download and use.

In the UK the website WhatDoTheyKnow host Freedom of Information requests from individuals to UK Government bodies and agencies. It is an easily searchable website for keywords and details requests and responses for information on a certain topic have been asked before. This may be handy to see if anyone else has requested the information you seek, or similar data, and may reshape your Freedom of Information request.

You can register for free to use WhatDoTheyKnow, and many people do as it makes your requests public and may aid someone else’s quest for information, or alternatively you can send Freedom of Information requests from you own email address.